Next Taxi and Limousine Course begins March 10, 2014

The next taxi and limousine course will be starting March 10, and runs until March 14.

Topics will include city of London bylaws, geography, safety, customer service and much more!

The course will be taught at office at 380 Wellington street.

For more information please email or call leave a message on the hotline at (519)913-1112.

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London Transit Commission asks cabbies to stay out of bus bays

The London Taxi Association asks all drivers to stay out of London Transit Commission bus bays while buses are running.  Buses run from 6:00 am until midnight Monday through Saturday and until 11:00 pm on Sundays and holidays.

Parking enforcement may ticket you if you are caught in a bus stop.

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Annual General Meeting Newsletter

LTA wins changes to the Taxi and Limousine Bylaw


Fleet insurance now available through the LTA


Victory Celebration November 24 Carling Heights Recreation Center 3:00pm – 5:00pm. Free pizza, coffee, door prizes! Win a tablet or TV!
Come celebrate with us!


Come to the meeting and see our plans for 2014. Bring your ideas! Voice your opinion!


On September 17, city hall passed changes to the Taxi and Limousine bylaw. With Roger Caranci’s help, we were successful in achieving everything that we asked for and more. We have reached a new level of cooperation and understanding with city staff and councilors.

  • Drivers can now drive a total of 14 hours per day, with a maximum of 12 hours straight. You must rest for 10 hours.
  • Trip sheets are no longer needed.
  • Demerit points change from 6 points to 9 points.
  • All cars can start being a taxi at 4 years old.
  • All cars get one more year on the road.
  • Cars can join an insurance fleet to save money instead of paying facility rates.



The London Taxi Association has worked hard for the interests of ALL drivers and owners. We want to thank everyone that has supported us over the last 3 years.


There has been changes to how taxis are insured in Ontario. Taxis must belong to an insurance fleet or pay facility rates.


By joining our insurance fleet you still own your car and with LTA license plates on it. Fleet insurance is provided by H&S fleet services through the LTA. If you join our fleet you will support further positive change for our industry and not just give more money to a broker.


If you need insurance call the LTA help line to make an appointment. Make sure you have all necessary documents when you come to our office, including experience letters, a photocopy of your city taxi license and drivers license, ownership and a abstract of you and your driver. When you are ready call the LTA help line at (519) 913-1112 and we help you get your insurance renewed.

H&S will be in London in late November or early December for anyone with insurance expiring in December.


Continue supporting the LTA! Renew your Membership for 2014.

Anyone who buys insurance through the LTA gets free membership for 2014!

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Changes to Taxi and Limousine By-Law Successful

The London Taxi Association in conjunction with their spokesman Roger Caranci and with the City of London administration and councilors have achieved a new level of cooperation between the taxi industry and city hall in London. On Tuesday September 17, 2013, city council passed amendments requested and pleaded by the London Taxi Association which plagued the industry over the previous several years. The changes benefit every driver and owner in the taxi and limousine industry but more importantly, it helps preserve and increase customer safety and protection in a sustainable industry.

The London Taxi Association advocated changing the maximum hours of work from 12 to a maximum of 14 hour per day with certain limitations. As well, demerit points requirements align with the Provincial Ministry of Transportation. London modernizes to equal Toronto – eliminating trip sheets for those drivers affiliated with a modern computerized dispatch system. Vehicles may now enter service at four years, while the exit year is extended by one additional year for all vehicles.

The Province of Ontario recently changed insurance rules which force taxis and limousines into commercial fleets, with no other option except facility. After several meetings with the Manager of Licensing Orest Katolyk, administrative changes will allow for all vehicle classes to form insurance fleets and save thousands of dollars per year.

Executive limousine operators will benefit from the hard work of the London Taxi Association as all of the improvements are being applied across the whole industry.

While there are still many issues that still need addressing, everyone is very pleased with the progress made.

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City of London Licence Manager reverses policy on transfering vehicles

Breaking News

Starting with the introduction of the new Taxi and Limousine bylaw in July 1, 2012, the city prohibited transfers of vehicles older than 3 model years old.  This prohibition was not explicitly written in the bylaw, but the administration used the definition of plating as the reason to prohibit the long existing practice.

We have just learned that the City of London Licence manager Orest Katolyk has reversed the policy on vehicle transfers effective immediately.  So long as the vehicle is no longer than 7 years old and is already existing as a taxi, the vehicle may be transferred between plate owners.


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REMINDER: Taxi Association Hotline 15199131112

The London Taxi Association now has a hotline.

If you receive a London bylaw Ticket and you need help, call the hotline at 15199131112.

Please tell us your your name, LTA membership number and everything that happened.

A board member will contact you as soon as possible.

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By now everyone insured by H & S knows that Arch Insurance company has left the Ontario insurance market.  H & S has been trying to find a carrier since the announced departure of Arch in December.  H & S has 2500 insured in various cities in Southern Ontario, including the GTA, Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge and London.

Since announcement of Arch insurance dropping Ontario, the LTA has been looking for a new insurance company to insure Taxicabs in London.

Cabbies looking for insurance have been forced onto facility insurance at nearly double the cost.

We had a presentation March 13 by David J Elliot Insurance.  775 Wharncliffe Road South.  519-681-0179.  David took the time to come in and explain to the audience how insurance works in Ontario.  Insurance prices with his company is based on any tickets, and driving experience.  He explained that if he could sign up approximately 100 LTA members with good driving and experience, he would be able to offer a better rate.

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Court Decision

We have finally had a decision by Justice H. A. Rady of the Ontario Superior court.

Unfortunately we did not win our application to have the new bylaw crushed.  The decision has been uploaded to for your viewing.

Our lawyer, Paul Morrissey, sums it up best:

“Unfortunately, we did not win our application.  We had a very strong presentation and positive feedback from the judge and had the city worried, but in the end, the judge was not convinced that the legal test, that the by-law had been passed in “bad faith”, was met.  She found instead that the process had been “open and transparent” and had been preceded by  two years of consultation and public input. She did not place weight on counselor Hubert’s misrepresentations, or the fact that the tariff does not accomplish its stated objective of a 15% differential.  We think this was a mistake on the judge’s part.

Although we did not win, there are some positive things to take away from this:

1.       For the first time, London taxi drivers, as a unified group, demonstrated that they were prepared to stand up for their rights and take legal action.

2.       We have demonstrated that we can be and ARE a unified force and that we can speak with one voice

3.       We have demonstrated that if we are threatened, we will bite back.

4.       We have served notice on the city that we are alarmed.  The city was very worried about this application and this was not a slam dunk for them- they were lucky to have survived this challenge.

5.       While we did not prevail, we are not worse off than we were before in terms of fare differentials.   They did not enforce the 15% differential before and they still do not. Meanwhile they are now aware that we are organizing to counteract this.

Now, we must maintain this momentum. We must not only remain organized, but continue to organize and bring in more members.  This is important because only in a large group, speaking with a single unified voice, will we get their attention.   This organization is essential for our survival as an industry. Right now we have 200 active members.  We need to have 600 active members by the end of April . We need to sign up 100 members a week.  The  city  needs to understand that this is a large, well funded and growing organization.  Then we need to conduct a public information campaign. This might involve no taxis on the street one day. It might involve the London Free Press.   And it will need to involve convincing  counsel that immediate action must be taken to save an industry which is fundamental to London’s transportation infrastructure.  We can only do this by continuing the momentum we now have.”

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Dental Services for LTA members

MEK Dental at 715 Wellington Rd. between Wilkins and Southdale is offering dental services for London Taxi Association members.

Dr Ali Kashefi was kind enough to visit us at our last general meeting and explain to the audience his services and what he can do for LTA members.

Call 519.668.7635 to book an appointment or visit them at and tell them you are an association member.

Present your LTA membership when you visit and your whole family will benefit.

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General Meeting, Membership Drive and Huge Raffle December 16, 2012

The LTA will be having a general meeting on December 16, 2012.  Meeting will be held at the German club on Cove Rd

We will be conducting our annual membership drive along with having several important speakers, including:

H  & S insurance, speaking on insurance costs under the new bylaw

    We will be raffling off some great prizes including:

    • TWO 40 inch TV (or larger)
    • $100 in Canadian Tire gift cards
    • $100 in Tim Horton’s cards
    • Oil Changes From King Street Auto
    • Snow Plows from George Gold
    • Gift certificates for pizza from King Richie’s pizzeria
    • plus many, many more!!!!

    We will update this post as we add speakers, and more prizes, so check back often!

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