Taxi Association Meeting Sunday Sept 23

Last Chance to question our Lawyer before Court
Sunday, September 23, 2012 AT 3:00 PM SHARP
German Club Cove Road

This meeting is to inform you on issues with the bylaws, our court action and upcoming City Hall business.

We invited Orest Katolyk to speak at our meeting but he declined our invitation.

Our Lawyer Paul Morrissey will be attending to answer any questions you may have for our pending court action.

Our Court Date for October 26 is set and we are still open to negotiate a settlement.

Our fund-raising drive for September and October is under way. We will be asking plate
owners for $200.00 again and drivers for $25.00

The NEW bylaws are in effect and we urge all drivers to make sure trip sheets, maintenance records and other paperwork are up to date. The City Inspectors and Police have been giving no leeway on this matter and have been issuing tickets.

The website has been updated to include a list of Board Members and phone numbers. If you have questions please feel free to contact them.

All three brokers have met and will deliver a letter to City Hall opposing the changes and
backing the London Taxi Association on Driver and Owner issues.

The London Taxi Association is now incorporated with our own tax license. You can use
your receipts for tax purposes.

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