H & S in London

H & S Insurance Brokers will be in London September 19 at 9am to renew and issue new insurance policies.
H & S will be at the Ramada inn.

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  1. george gold says:

    ..hello everyone, I would like to propose 1 questions to all insurance agents involved in the taxi industry. Question is : from an insurance point of view, is a 2 year old car cheaper to insure than a 3 year old car, ie. (coliission coverage, all perils, replacement cost)…we owners and drivers know that the problem with a replacement cab is not on day 1 or day 300, 500, …it manifest itself around day 750 and moving forward..therefore with the city having legislated a 2 year old car eligible for 4 years..ask yourself how much maintenance costs we as owners will incur in days 1200, 1300, 1400..and how will these cabs look after possibly 4 winters on our roads..what kind of downtime and expenses will we incur, the potential safety issues arrising from a vehicle with such a duration of use in our business???…my suggetion..continue the former system..a 3 year old on the road for maximum of 3 years works well..with availability, upfront costs, maintenance..any comments, suggestions agreable or disagreable will be appreciated…by the way let’s ask our agents for a letter addressed to “to whom it may concern”..regarding an opinion on the above subject..it would probably help our situation regarding this matter..thank you all for taking the time to read my comment..George UNA141

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