General Meeting July 22, 2012

All Drivers and Owners Please Attend
Sunday, July 22, 2010 AT 3:00 PM SHARP
German Club Cove Road

The LTA filed two actions in June, the first was to get a date to argue to quash the new Taxi and Limousine bylaw, set for October 26, 2012. The second action was to file an injunction to stop the new bylaw from taking effect
July1, 2012.

Unfortunately, the LTA was unsuccessful in its bid for an injunction due to our inability to show that we would experience more harm than we are already experiencing. We did receive several favorable decisions from the judge. Justice H. A. Rady says “I am persuaded that here is a serious issue to be tried” and secondly the LTA has standing to argue the action on October 26 on behalf of all drivers and owners.

* We will be voting on several issues regarding the court action, including on whether to continue to proceed on October 26, protest actions.

* We will be voting on several issues regarding limousines, including allowing limo owners to participate in our action where there is common grounds.

* We will have a report on the financial status of the association and the results of our fund-raising efforts.

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