The London Taxi Association decides to fight City Hall

The LTA believes that the new Taxi and Limousine bylaw as discriminatory and has retained Siskinds The Law Firm as legal council.

The London Taxi Association has many issues with the new bylaw, many of which are discriminatory towards Taxicabs.

The City has decided to remove the requirement for a 15% difference in pricing between Taxicabs and Limousines. This was removed even though a study by city staff showed that limousines were receiving a competitive advantage by charging less than the required 15% difference.

City staff had recommended preventing Limousines from accepting hails from the street. This would make London the same as every other city in North America.

The requirements needed to own and operate a Limousine are less than that of a Taxicab. As well, there is no limit on the number of Limousines. The lack of a limit on the number of Limousines has diluted the business throughout the whole Taxi and Limousine business. Fifteen years ago, the potential fare pool was divided up between a combined total of less than 375 Taxicabs and Limousines, today the total number Taxicabs and Limousines has grown to over 500. Only 9 accessible taxicab plates have been issued in that time frame, the rest being unrestricted limousine plates.

We have begun the process to file an injunction to stop the new bylaw from coming into effect as of July 1, 2012. Our Lawyers Paula Lombardi and Paul Morrissey are working to defend both taxicab drivers and owners. The legal bill to fight the city will be approximately $45,000.

To date we have raised over $11000.00 towards to fund our legal expenses.

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2 Responses to The London Taxi Association decides to fight City Hall

  1. Lincoln Sternn says:

    City hall has been punishing taxis.
    It’s time they actually listen.
    Sorry to hear you have to go through all of this grief

  2. George Gold says:

    ..hello everyone, this website is a great idea and it will help us put our thoughts together…I have driven taxi 30 years and have had 2 tickets in 30 years while driving a taxi and on both ocassions I was the lone occupant in the taxi…. The main thrust of my objection to the new bylaw to start on July 01/12 is the six points in 3 a year rule. Why is this law unfair? ..well …are the infractions in a private car the same category as driving a taxi or a limo?…No they are not!!..when we drive our private vehicles “we are not on the job”..when we drive the public we take care because we represent our companies, we are also guardians of the public. Furthermore we deal with insurance rates that are very high…however 6 points does not disqulify us..but we pay a higher premium for a period of time and eventually the situation reverses itself for the better. Being disqualified by the city to drive would also disqualify us from regular insurance rates upon attempting to return because we would now be “inexperienced ” according to the insurance regulations and therefore this would be a further punitive “punishment”. In addition to this scenario a regular taxi or limo driver in “good standing” may be in a position where a mortgage obtained from a regular bank would become very difficult since our position would be greatly jeopardized by this rule…even though a driver may have great credit rating, be up to date with all tax obligations. It is easy to see therefore how this rule would be an ” economical attack” which could greatly affect our lives and our family life. We should be taking care at all times when on the road but having a speeding ticket and/or a red light infraction should not be a “life altering sentence”..It really borders on cruel and unusual punishment. Thank you for reading my opinion on this matter…George Gold

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