Requirements for LTA insurance program

Insurance is provided by Creggan Insurance Brokers.  The London Taxi Asssociation is the master policy holder.

This is a listing of the documents required to be insured with the LTA insurance program:

Drivers must have an abstract that is no older than 6 weeks old, a photocopy of the London taxi drivers license and Ontario drivers license, and an experience letter. The experience letter must state at least 1 year of commercial experience OR 3 years of private insurance.

Abstracts may have no more than 4 lines of offenses, totaling no more than 6 points.

If you are a car owner you must bring a copy of the Business License, Vehicle Ownership, a photocopy of all drivers London taxi drivers license and Ontario drivers license and experience letters for all drivers (1 year commercial/3 years private).  Forms take only a few minutes to fill out.

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