Annual General Meeting Newsletter

LTA wins changes to the Taxi and Limousine Bylaw


Fleet insurance now available through the LTA


Victory Celebration November 24 Carling Heights Recreation Center 3:00pm – 5:00pm. Free pizza, coffee, door prizes! Win a tablet or TV!
Come celebrate with us!


Come to the meeting and see our plans for 2014. Bring your ideas! Voice your opinion!


On September 17, city hall passed changes to the Taxi and Limousine bylaw. With Roger Caranci’s help, we were successful in achieving everything that we asked for and more. We have reached a new level of cooperation and understanding with city staff and councilors.

  • Drivers can now drive a total of 14 hours per day, with a maximum of 12 hours straight. You must rest for 10 hours.
  • Trip sheets are no longer needed.
  • Demerit points change from 6 points to 9 points.
  • All cars can start being a taxi at 4 years old.
  • All cars get one more year on the road.
  • Cars can join an insurance fleet to save money instead of paying facility rates.



The London Taxi Association has worked hard for the interests of ALL drivers and owners. We want to thank everyone that has supported us over the last 3 years.


There has been changes to how taxis are insured in Ontario. Taxis must belong to an insurance fleet or pay facility rates.


By joining our insurance fleet you still own your car and with LTA license plates on it. Fleet insurance is provided by H&S fleet services through the LTA. If you join our fleet you will support further positive change for our industry and not just give more money to a broker.


If you need insurance call the LTA help line to make an appointment. Make sure you have all necessary documents when you come to our office, including experience letters, a photocopy of your city taxi license and drivers license, ownership and a abstract of you and your driver. When you are ready call the LTA help line at (519) 913-1112 and we help you get your insurance renewed.

H&S will be in London in late November or early December for anyone with insurance expiring in December.


Continue supporting the LTA! Renew your Membership for 2014.

Anyone who buys insurance through the LTA gets free membership for 2014!

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