Changes to Taxi and Limousine By-Law Successful

The London Taxi Association in conjunction with their spokesman Roger Caranci and with the City of London administration and councilors have achieved a new level of cooperation between the taxi industry and city hall in London. On Tuesday September 17, 2013, city council passed amendments requested and pleaded by the London Taxi Association which plagued the industry over the previous several years. The changes benefit every driver and owner in the taxi and limousine industry but more importantly, it helps preserve and increase customer safety and protection in a sustainable industry.

The London Taxi Association advocated changing the maximum hours of work from 12 to a maximum of 14 hour per day with certain limitations. As well, demerit points requirements align with the Provincial Ministry of Transportation. London modernizes to equal Toronto – eliminating trip sheets for those drivers affiliated with a modern computerized dispatch system. Vehicles may now enter service at four years, while the exit year is extended by one additional year for all vehicles.

The Province of Ontario recently changed insurance rules which force taxis and limousines into commercial fleets, with no other option except facility. After several meetings with the Manager of Licensing Orest Katolyk, administrative changes will allow for all vehicle classes to form insurance fleets and save thousands of dollars per year.

Executive limousine operators will benefit from the hard work of the London Taxi Association as all of the improvements are being applied across the whole industry.

While there are still many issues that still need addressing, everyone is very pleased with the progress made.

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