The London Taxi Association Suggestions to Orest Katolyk

London Taxi Association

Suggestion for the new by-law


Limousine and Taxi must be under same by-law rules.

The fare should start at $25.00 minimum.

All limousine should have security camera.

Put cap on Limousine plates and must be reduced through attrition to 25% of total number of taxi plates or 85.

Limousines must be the same as 4 digit taxi plates. Non transferable and not to be able to lease.

No limousine should pick up from streets.

All bars should become taxi stands only, between hours of 11:00 pm and 6:00 am.  Limousines should be prohibited to be in taxi stands.

Flat rates:

No taxi company should be allowed to use flat rate when transporting humans.  They can only for cargo and parcel and can be negotiated between the driver and the client.

Vehicle age:

Replacement taxis should no more than 4 years old, good for 7 years.

Limousine replacement no more than 2 years old.

Security camera:

The security camera should be reviewed and change the specification to eliminate sole source provider.

Medical record:

Family doctor and specialist have ability to suspend driver’s licence.


Inspection should be once a year.  Inspector can inspect taxis any time and pull it off the road if needed.

Companies who drive your car home:

Regulate the number of cars who drive your car home (Keys please and Premier).

There should be no passengers in the chase vehicle because it‘s not a commercial vehicle and has no proper insurance.

London Taxi Association

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