By now everyone insured by H & S knows that Arch Insurance company has left the Ontario insurance market.  H & S has been trying to find a carrier since the announced departure of Arch in December.  H & S has 2500 insured in various cities in Southern Ontario, including the GTA, Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge and London.

Since announcement of Arch insurance dropping Ontario, the LTA has been looking for a new insurance company to insure Taxicabs in London.

Cabbies looking for insurance have been forced onto facility insurance at nearly double the cost.

We had a presentation March 13 by David J Elliot Insurance.  775 Wharncliffe Road South.  519-681-0179.  David took the time to come in and explain to the audience how insurance works in Ontario.  Insurance prices with his company is based on any tickets, and driving experience.  He explained that if he could sign up approximately 100 LTA members with good driving and experience, he would be able to offer a better rate.

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